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The Crane Beach is rated as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. On a clear day with no seaweed it lives up to this title. A gorgeous stretch of beautiful pink sand met by that gorgeous blue sea the Caribbean is known for. The beach itself can be a bit ruff for the unacquainted. I only recommend bathing for swimmers although none swimmers can literally get their feet wet. There is usually a life guard on duty during the day so the is some comfort with that.

Beach chairs are slightly more expensive than the west coast, which I found strange. The hotel above of the same name charges $50bds per head to enter via their car park and use the beach chair. This can be redeemed at the Bar and grill at the beach(or any of the hotels bar and grill). This offer isn’t always available so I would suggest calling ahead and asking about he day pass if you want to park at the hotel and use their chairs. If not, there is always the public access right after the round about, and local vendors would rent you 2 beach chairs and an umbrella for $40bds.

None guests of the hotel can still enjoy use of the Grove Bar and Grill that is on the beach. You have to go behind the sandbank to get to it and this isn’t obvious unless you are looking for it. IT’s a great addition to the beach as it gives you food and drinks options as well as toilet facilities right on the beach.The food was a little pricey but not too much. A chicken sandwich costs around $20bds but I found the portions sizes to be a bit small.

OVerall I give the beach an 8 out of 10 and would definitely recommend visiting, even if just to relax on the beach and take pictures. There is free wifi on the beach so social media addicts can do their postings directly. It’s also only 5 minutes from our rental homes making it a nice short trip when you want a quick dip from the house

Crane Beach Towel Hut

Beach Chairs at Crane Beach

Crane Beach




Entrance to Grove bar and grill

Elevator to Crane Beach from hotel


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