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Barbados is unique among the Caribbean islands , having the perfect blend of island life and outdoor entertainment.

This page list a few of the things you should try while staying in Barbados, with special emphasis on things to do in St Philip.

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Explore the caves

Ruff it a bit or sit in a cart. You can do a tour of the famous Harrison’s Cave by foot or be driven through it in a electric cart. For the really adventurous, try out Cole’s cave with one of the experience local tour guides.

East Coast Site seeing

By far the number one thing to do in St Philip, and on the east coast of Barbados is sight seeing.There are breath taking views all along the east coast of Barbados where the landscape is filled with lush green fields and perfect blue ocean waters, separated by dramatic golden cliffs. Try driving around and see if you can find the various figures the cliffs form, eg “The Sleeping Giant”rock formation near Barkley’s Park in St Andrew. There is also the east coast light house which ironically sits side by side a a modern day ship to shore signaling post. Another must see site is the old “Sam Lord’s Castle”, the place of countless ship wrecks due to the pirate “Sam Lord” in colonial days. Be sure to walk with your camera for this tour, the best part of which is that it’s free(with the exception of gas).

Barbados by Air

Take a flight over Barbados and take control of the aircraft for a brief while. A bit expensive but absolutely possible with the assistance of the Barbados light aircraft club. You can also take a backseat tour in an ultralight across the island. The ultralight with set you back just under $300bds for an hour flight and it seats one. To fly a plane the price gets complicated but on an average you will spend $400bds for an hour flight($300 for the plane $100 for the instructor). It sits 3 to four people including the pilot. Flights are done out of Grantley Adams international Airport

Check out the Beaches

Barbados has lots of lovely beaches to explore. Check out our beach blog for a comprehensive list of beaches along with google map links to help you find the public entrances easily.

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Last working windmill

On the east coast just bellow Farley Hill national park is an unusual site in this day and age. The last working wind powered mill used to crush sugar cane.

Hunte’s Garden

Be delighted by the beautiful grounds at Mr. Hunte’s Garden. It’s a self guided tour where you can feel free to bring along your stuff for a picnic in a mini tropical rainforest paradise.

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Tide’s Restuarant

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